Google, pirated?

Google’s functions have been affected by this interruption throughout the world and massively that it will ask all users to access all services such as the search engine, Gmail, Google Docs, or Youtube among others. All users reported that they were not able to log in to their email, watch videos, access essential documents, and perform all kinds of simple tasks. The problems will start in the morning and Google argues that its technical problems have been solved in the following hours. There were even several reports within social networks of people who cannot access their own accounts.
At 5:30 in the morning, you officially acknowledge the interruption of your email within the Status Panel from your workplace. The first statement that has been issued confirms that a very high number of complaints are being investigated towards the email problem. Users are experiencing behavior that is unexpected with several unjustified error frames and long delays. Almost half an hour later, the panel is going to update with a statement to solve the Gmail problem. This company apologized for these annoyances and assures the user base regarding system reliability as a priority for Google.
The rest of the offerings of those Google services are affected to be updated in a Solimar way, something that guarantees that those services work without any problem within about 1 hour after recognizing those problems.
It is difficult to estimate the total number of users that have been affected on Google platforms. But, it should be noted that Gmail is the provider of the most famous emails in the world with more than 1.5 million users, and YouTube is the video playback platform with hundreds of millions of active users. Luckily, the day was starting in America. But these problems were emerging, so many users in the United States have been affected by all this disruption.
Even though all the mainstream media have quoted two types of cybersecurity experts saying that Gmail could be hacked and a massive data breach has been warned, the technology conglomerate is owned by Alphabet. Those claims have not been confirmed. taking into account a possible violation of the dates, in case there is no evidence yet. It’s not uncommon for companies to take the time to announce such data breaches. With all this, Google has recently stated that the problem has been caused by the critical system without storage.
The interruption was not caused by the attack from hackers and there is no evidence of a violation of data, and these means of counicación they will accept with open arms to these speculations, there is an occurrence that happened a few days after the rape is important that it is led by Russia and hackers that have been backed up that are affected by various agencies of the US government.