Google, pirated?

Google’s functions have been affected by this interruption throughout the world and massively that it will ask all users to access all services such as the search engine, Gmail, Google Docs, or Youtube among others. All users reported that they were not able to log in to their email, watch videos, access essential documents, and … Read more

The police help Emotet victims with new tactics

The police have managed to dismantle the Botnet Emotet cybercriminal network to put it in the hands of the forces of order. Currently, police across the world have taken control of the Emotet Botnet from the operators. Also, they managed to rip off some unprecedented measures to help all Emotet victims. These steps being taken … Read more

An error in the antivirus of Google Chrome browsers with a Windows 10 operating system that has been fixed

The multinational company Google has released a new update for browsers that are based on Chrome to correct an error related to the removal of Windows 10 machines and their antivirus programs. According to TechRadar, all the people who use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers on the computer to run antivirus programs to … Read more