An error in the antivirus of Google Chrome browsers with a Windows 10 operating system that has been fixed

The multinational company Google has released a new update for browsers that are based on Chrome to correct an error related to the removal of Windows 10 machines and their antivirus programs.
According to TechRadar, all the people who use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers on the computer to run antivirus programs to block some files that are new to report problems in the use of certain tools such as bookmarks.
One of Google’s Chrome for Windows systems team engineers, named Bruce Dawson, heads to the Chromium Gerrit Patte on December 29 with all sorts of details on this solution. He commented that those antiviral programs and other scanners to be able to block from mantra above those files that are new, something that generates problems to save bookmarks and files that use the ImportantFileWriter feature.
Before all this, the real solution was to disable the antivirus program. It will not be a viable solution for most users, especially those who always use live scanning functions on their computers.
Thus, the solution will be available in Google Chromium, then it will be available in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers that are used. There is no specific timeline to update this list, but we do know that certain issues are being experienced, so it is important to keep an eye out for future updates.