The advance of malicious programs seems to have no end. New software is developed daily to affect computers or simply mass advertise products.

To be sure that we won’t become victims of these undesirable applications, AntivirusDoctor offers protection that is one hundred percent guaranteed with constant updates of its database.

After installing AntivirusDoctor, it will connect with its support center to obtain the latest updates of the new virus signatures that are entering cyberspace. This service doesn’t carry any costs, so that you’ll have 24hr security protection.

If you have a continuous connection, AntivirusDoctor gives you the opportunity to refresh the database at scheduled intervals. If you don’t have broadband or you connect to the Internet irregularly, each time you connect you can update the system completely.

The software will always advise of new viruses and new versions of the application to remain on top of all the novelties. Keeping yourself protected is one of the most important actions for conserving the life of your PC, and there’s nothing better than doing it with the most efficient weapon: AntivirusDoctor.

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