To find out a little more about the types of malware that come into contact with your computer, we are going to describe the functions of some of them.

This is a generic term that includes Dialers, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Rootkit or Worms among many others (of course, viruses as well).

Spyware comes from a combination of Spy and softWare, and is thus defined as a spy program or software. They are designed to take vital information from computers for different purposes, for example: to advertise, steal passwords, obtain bank account numbers or find personal information. Generally they are used to advertise.

Dialers are charged with making premium rate calls through telephone lines, which produces high costs for the user derived from the use of a “special” service that is not needed. Imitating a normal Dial-up connection, they pass completely undetected.

Trojans don’t necessarily damage the computer, but are introduced to gain control of it and provide the opportunity for other persons to access it and secretly steal information.

Adware is a software that produces unexpected advertising on the computer, and can also change internet browser settings.

Rootkit are viruses that enter after infection has occurred, erasing records of actions to prevent the malware from being uninstalled, thereby helping to generate new infiltrations that neither the user or the antivirus program can detect.

Worms are those annoying self-reproducing programs that cause the system to become slow or not even be able to execute the simplest applications.

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