Anti-Malware: FAQs

Anti-Malware: FAQs

What Is Malware?

Malware is a type of software that is programmed to damage or corrupt your computer. There are many types of malware including spyware, worms, and keyloggers. This means any type of program that intends to invade your PC.
Today, most malware programs are created to make money. They can do this by capturing information from your bank account, collecting passwords, or corrupting your files and then asking for a ransom.

What Is Anti-Malware?

A malware cleaner is a program that can remove viruses and malware. It can even protect your computer from getting infected with a virus or other bad stuff by constantly checking the programs running on it. If one tries to install, the antivirus will see what it is and then do something depending on what kind of program it is. If the antivirus thinks there’s no problem then you’ll be allowed to use it and if not, well, we won’t know because you won’t be able to use anything!

What are the dangers of not having anti-virus protection installed?

Here are only some risks:
• Identity theft
• Loss of money via ransomware attack
• Loss of personal data such as photos, emails etc.
• Hardware failure
• Slow computer or browser speed
• Loss of business-critical data
• Access to files may be restricted
• Loss of money via an attack on your online bank account

Can Malware Be Removed for Free?

Yes, the process of getting rid of malware can be done for free with special software. There are many providers that have created this type of software which is great news! But is it too good to be true? Free programs that clean your computer? Well, technically yes there are some effective ones out there but you will get more for your money if you invest in a complete package.

Is an Antivirus Enough to Save My Computer?

Sometimes, you need to reboot your computer to fix a virus. This can cost a lot of money because IT consultants need to look at your computer. There are some cases where the virus is so bad that it causes physical damage, and antivirus software might not be enough.
Some free solutions will not include real-time scanning. If you do not use this, malware can be installed without you knowing it. It is important to think about how often your computer is scanned for malware. If you do not scan your computer often, it may already be too late when the problem is noticed.

What Are the Benefits of a Complete Antivirus?

A complete antivirus will offer lots of features. It will protect you from viruses, prevent them, and even save your browser. Free programs might not have all these features or they might not be activated.
The most effective malware removal programs have tools that allow the program to be quarantined. That means it can be protected without being fully removed. The advantage of this is that if any legitimate software gets accidentally flagged up for malware, you can override the antivirus so it will work again.

Can Antivirus Slow Down My Computer?

Probably not. Older computers did not have as much power and were slower, but now it is okay to run the antivirus software without the computer slowing down.

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