The police help Emotet victims with new tactics

The police have managed to dismantle the Botnet Emotet cybercriminal network to put it in the hands of the forces of order.
Currently, police across the world have taken control of the Emotet Botnet from the operators. Also, they managed to rip off some unprecedented measures to help all Emotet victims. These steps being taken will end the story of one of the most famous and adaptable strike groups out there.
In one of the operations carried out for the global elimination that is large and effective so far, with the police agencies of countries such as Germany, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, and the United States in coordination with other bodies such as Eurojust and Europol, proceeded to take control of all Emotet servers. Thanks to the acquisition of control of these servers, it is going to give the corresponding data to this group and especially about the victims.
So to help all those people who have been affected by Emotet, the police are making the most of all that control acquired by the infrastructure and data of Emotet.